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Software testing is being carried out to verify that the completed software or application functions according to the expectations of client’s requirements/specifications. Testing is not just about plummeting risk; it is also about increasing control. By aligning the testing objectives with business objectives and by increasing the efficiency of testing both can be delivered simultaneously.

"Testing with an Intention"

The committed Quality Assurance Department at Neo Technocraft uses a wide range of all-inclusive testing methods and tools to ensure that we deliver only the premier quality solutions. Our QA team has expertise in multiple technologies, platforms and standards. At Neo TechnoCraft we believe that the overall objective is not only to find out every bug that exists in software or application, but to reveal the situations that could pessimistically impact the customer’s usability and/or maintainability.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services:

  • Functional and Regression Testing: Phase or module wise testing after fixing defects and bugs.

  • Mobile App & Mobile Website Testing: Real time cross device Mobile App and Web Testing for Companies/Agencies, App Developers, Handset Manufacturers and Users. It will be including Digital Device Testing on Smart Phones and Mobile Tablets.

  • Usability Testing: It will be done by lab based testing using customer/client’s representatives and expert assessments.

  • Web Application and Website Testing: Testing of web projects across various platforms and industry division, It will cover Test Services such as Compatibility and Interoperability Testing.

  • Performance Testing: It will include Load Testing, Stress Testing, Scalability Testing and Performance Monitoring Services.

  • Network Testing: It will include Network Performance Testing, Performance Monitoring and Network Tuning.

  • Migration Testing: It will include Data Conversion and Application or Infrastructure Migration, Web Vulnerability Testing and Failover Testing.

  • Security Testing: We provide an understandable and practical approach towards security testing. It includes Penetration Testing, Security Audits, Performance Audit, Threat Assessments and Risk Analysis.

  • Unit Testing: It includes individual units of Source Code, Frame Works, one or more Computer Program Modules together with associated Control Data, Operating Procedures and Usage Procedures.

  • Business Continuity Testing: It will be including Resilience and Failover testing.

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Is also called Beta testing, Application testing, and/or end user testing - is a phase of software development in which the software will be tested in the "real world" by the proposed addressees or a business representative.

  • Disaster Recovery Testing: It will be including backup and recovery testing.

  • Browser Compatibility Testing: Statistics will include transaction response time, CPU, IO, Memory, Impact of 3G, 4G, Strong WiFi & Weak WiFi, Functionality pass and fail rate.

Software QA Consulting:

  • Full Lifecycle Process Improvement
  • QA Process Consulting
  • Test Strategy Elaboration and Management

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