Description :
Welcome to Girls Spa Salon and Makeover. Girls like to get ready and become like a Princess or doll.
They like to try differnet fashion and look beautiful like queen fashion. So this game is for those girls who want to enjoy spa, makeover and dressup.
After doing spa, makeover and dressup she will look like a gorgeous queen.
This game is dedicated to all princess doll or princess fashion doll who like to try different fashion.
Game cosist of spa, makeover and dressup.


1) Differnt type of spa for all the lovely fahsion doll.
2) Remove dark spot from the girl
3) Smothen the skin so she look like a beautiful girl or Queen.
4) Various eye liner, eye colors to help them look like a Princess doll fashion queen
5) Various cosmetic items like earings, eye shadows, tattoo, eyebrows.
6) Use differnt type of lipstick shade to increase beauty of bady doll girls;
7) Use diffent necklace to look like a wedding princess girls.
8) Try our beautiful earing and help her to get ready in this fashionable world.
9) Use different type of hair band and tattoo.
10) Start trying different western outfit and looking like a gorgeous girl.
11) We have around 60 items in Dressup.
13) You can use differnt type of props, flower to become flower dol fashion, mobile in your hand to look your beauty salon.

How to play
You can choose either spa salon, girl Makeover fahion salon or Doll dressup salon or girl dressup salon.
First click on spa salon view. In the facial spa salon, you can clear girls face to remove the dark circle and blackheads. You can set her eyebrows in eyebrows salon view.
After spa salon, she has to go over the makeover view when each and every girl like. Make princess gopi doll ready to go with her friend to the mall or for prom night party fashion.
Help her get ready with vast varierty of accessories, cosmetics items, necklace, jewelery, tattoo. Once she is done with the makeup salon she will look like princess doll fashion and every one will looking at her.
Once she has completed with makeup salon then she has to go to the dressup salon and try different outfit, shoes, hand band, different props, different googles. You can make her ready like a princess doll fashion or prom night fashion.
you will really enjoy this Girls Spa Salon and makeover dressup game.

This game is for those how are looking to her princess look like princess doll, princess girl, baby doll, gopi doll, prom night queen, prom night girl.

This is totally free game for girls, princess, doll!
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