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Update : 12/4/2017
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A very unique concept first time ever in 2d games, "Paan Palour".

Paan an all time favorite colorful Indian mukhvas which is an after meal snack or digestive aid and it also freshens the breathe. Paan is a preparation combining betel leaf with areca nuts, cherries and many more such things. Here we present a unique game for all the paan lovers. This game of Paan Parlour refreshes your mood by letting you make your own Paan in your own style & preferences and providing you with the information of almost all varities of PAAN. So what are you waiting for? Come-on let's make our own paan in our PAAN PARLOUR.

Amazing game modes and Cool 2D graphics & effects
Realistic atmosphere and physics
Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices
Smooth game play and Clear user interface
Share screenshots directly to Face book, Twitter and email Social network sharing.
A Unique game for kids and all paan loveers.

Paan Varities:

Meetha Paan
Banarasi Meetha Paan
Meetha Paan
Sada Paan
Kalkatti Meetha Paan
Maghai Paan
Bangla Paan
Misti Paan
Silver Paan
Rasmalai Paan
Kalkatti Sada Paan
Fire Paan
Jagannath Paan
Pineapple Ice Paan
Mint Ice Paan
Blueberry Ice Paan
Chocolate Paan
Strawberry Paan
Orange Paan
Banarasi Sada Paan

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